Vettel: “Difficult to say whether Verstappen’s statement is correct”


Sebastian Vettel has questioned a recent comment from Max Verstappen. The Dutchman claimed that ninety percent of the current field would win in a Mercedes.

With seven world titles in his pocket, Lewis Hamilton is one of the greatest in the history of the sport. The 35-year-old Briton is on a level with the great Michael Schumacher in terms of championships, and has even surpassed the German in terms of victories. Max Verstappen recently said he had great respect for his colleague, but did not hide that Hamilton is also in the fastest car. The Dutchman did make the comment that probably not everyone would be equally dominant in the same car.

According to Verstappen, ninety percent of the current field would win races in such a Silver Arrow. Sebastian Vettel agrees to a certain extent with the Red Bull Racing driver: “It’s hard to say whether Max’s statement is correct,” he said. Corriere dello Sport. “The Mercedes car is incredibly strong, the Mercedes team is incredibly strong and now it is Lewis who is reaping the benefits. A number of drivers could win in his position too, but Lewis succeeds every weekend. That’s his strength. . ”

The four-time world champion would have no problem getting into a Mercedes himself: “If I had that chance, I would of course not say no,” Vettel continues. “I don’t think any driver would say no to Mercedes at the moment. I would definitely like to compete with Lewis. You have to ask him, but I think he would also want to join me in one team. to sit.”


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