Verstappen: ‘I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to race after such a crash’


Max Verstappen believes that as a Formula 1 driver you should not be given the option to withdraw from a race after a horror crash like Romain Grosjean’s in Bahrain.

The start of the Bahrain Grand Prix was startled by the massive crash of Grosjean. The Haas driver shot into the wall at high speed and immediately caught fire. Miraculously, the Haas driver managed to survive the crash and the blaze, but the accident stirred up a lot for the drivers.

After the terrible crash, red flags were waved and the race was halted for nearly an hour and a half. Drivers like Vettel and Ricciardo complained that there were too many repetitions of the crash at the time and admitted that they found it difficult to get back into the car afterwards.

So the question is whether you can ask drivers to get behind the wheel after seeing such an accident or whether there should be an option to withdraw as a driver, or whether a race after such an accident. crash might have to be canceled completely.

In any case, Verstappen is of the opinion that even after such a crash, you should just race. “I don’t understand why you shouldn’t race,” the Dutchman told the other “If I were the team boss and one of my drivers didn’t want to race anymore, I would kick him out of that seat. I would tell him that he would never be in that seat again, ” said Verstappen.


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