Various bird flu infections in poultry farm …


Various bird flu infections were diagnosed on Thursday at a poultry farm in Menen, West Flanders. The FAVV and the Boerenbond report this. For safety reasons, the poultry stock will be destroyed.

It is not yet clear how many infections are involved, but the FASFC speaks of a ‘source of contamination’. The discovery represents an economic drama for the company, as the entire poultry herd must be slaughtered as a precaution.

From now on, additional measures also apply in the vicinity of the farm. For example, access to poultry farms within a radius of three kilometers is prohibited for all persons and material not belonging to the farm, and the disposal of table eggs is prohibited. The transport of poultry meat from slaughterhouses, cutting plants and cold stores is also no longer allowed.

Two weeks ago, bird flu was diagnosed in three wild birds in a bird sanctuary in Ostend. That is why there is an obligation to keep them in the entire country, also for private individuals. Last week, there were ten confirmed cases in our country.

It was three years ago that bird flu was discovered in our country. In June and July 2017, thirteen outbreaks of H5N8 were detected in poultry traders and hobby keepers. In February and March of that year, the virus was also diagnosed four times in wild birds.


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