VanMoof lowers the maximum speed of e-bikes in the EU


The pedal assistance of VanMoof bicycles in Europe is lowered by the bicycle brand. This happens after German users of the e-bikes were fined.

In Europe there is a maximum speed for e-bikes of 25 km / h, while in the United States it is 32 km / h. The electric bicycles of the Dutch VanMoof could be set up on a European or American stand. This is about to change for EU users, Bright reports.

When reaching higher speeds (between 25 and 45 km / h), rules apply in Europe, such as the compulsory wearing of a helmet, having a driving license and applying for insurance. An electric bicycle is therefore not allowed to go faster than 25 km / h. In Germany, fines were reportedly handed out to e-bikers for being able to set a higher speed limit.


VanMoof now wants to disable the setting of the faster US mode for all EU countries by means of a software update. Until this update is complete, users will be reminded to set the slower mode due to applicable law. A few other manufacturers of e-bikes, including the Belgian Cowboy and the Estonian Ampler, have already stopped with a similar faster mode.

The popularity of e-bikes is still visible. The demand for e-bikes has increased due to the corona crisis. Last month, VanMoof opened a second pop-up store in Brussels.


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