Van Gucht: “Choose a holiday. If we infect each other at Christmas, we ourselves are contagious at New Year ”| Instagram VTM NEWS


If it depends on MR Chairman George-Louis Bouchez, we don’t celebrate Christmas on Skype. “Celebrating Christmas with three or four people should be possible,” he wonders. In any case, virologist Steven Van Gucht calls for the necessary caution. “If we infect each other on Christmas, we ourselves are contagious on New Year. Choose a holiday. ”

How Belgians can celebrate the holiday season is something that Van Gucht and other corona experts are considering. “It’s a very difficult subject. The figures are falling a bit, but remain very high. We cannot yet predict what these will be like at Christmas and New Year. But what is certain is that the party will be in a small circle. We do not yet know exactly how small. We brainstorm about the scenarios. ”

“Don’t forget that we have two holidays. You have Christmas and six days later the New Year’s Eve parties ”, with which Van Gucht refers to the various participating groups. People celebrate Christmas in an (extended) family context, while many celebrate the end of the year celebrations mainly with friends. “If we infect each other at Christmas, we are contagious five days later and then we infect each other even more at New Year. Better choose a holiday. On one can be gathered in a small circle, but four the other than within the household. There are many things like that, but we have to think about it. It seems simple, but it is actually quite complex. ”

Different generations at the festive table is absolutely not recommended. Bad news for grandparents who crave their grandchildren, Van Gucht also admits. “It is a message that nobody wants to convey. People need to be aware of the risks. Spending several hours indoors together with different generations talking, eating and drinking is a great opportunity for the virus. ” Van Gucht hopes to come up with a concrete recommendation as soon as possible.


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