Two-week postponement of the deposit of the Depot plan – to examine additional alternatives


The mayor of Kfar Saba, Rafi Saar, met on Wednesday this week (4/11) with the Minister of Transportation, Miri Regev, to discuss, among other things, the location of the planned depot very close to the houses of the green neighborhood in the city. The Minister of Transportation responded to the mayor’s request and it was decided to postpone the deposit of the plan for two weeks, in order to hold further discussions, in which the alternatives proposed by the Kfar Saba Municipality and the Southern Sharon Regional Council will be examined.

The meeting was held at the initiative of Deputy Mayor Oren Cohen, and was also attended by the CEO of Netivei Israel, Ronen Peretz, the holder of the transportation portfolio in the Kfar Saba municipality, Ilai Harsgor-Handin, and the holder of the green neighbors portfolio, Adv. Adi Levy Scoop. Additional agreements were also reached to further improve transportation in the city.

During the meeting, Saar presented the residents’ and the municipality’s reservations about the location of the depot – the operational complex for the metro, which was planned according to the Hotal plan to be built in the northwest of the city in front of the green neighborhood in the city. Residents, kindergartens, country and more.

Transport Minister Miri Regev listened to these explanations, as did suggestions for additional alternatives proposed by Saar, and responded to his request for in-depth discussions. Regev decided that in the next two weeks there will be further discussions on the subject, led by her, and with the participation of the heads of the Kfar Saba authorities and the Southern Sharon Council and the professional staffs in the Ministry of Transportation and local authorities. This is in order to present to it in detail their objections on the subject of the heads of the authorities and their proposals for other, more appropriate alternatives, according to them.

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Mayor Rafi Saar: “I thank Sarah Regev for her willingness to hold further discussions on the subject. As a city that encourages beyond public transportation, we support the metro construction plan, which is an extremely important plan, but we can not build a depot near residents’ homes. Depo’s place is in the area “Industry is far from residents’ homes, and so we will continue to demand in the discussions that will take place with the professional teams. I am confident that we will be able to reach agreements on the issue together for the benefit of our residents and the public.”

Additional issues were discussed at the meeting: Transport Minister Regev concluded that the northern entrance to the city from Highway 4 to the Kaniel area and Neighborhood 80 will not be canceled or closed until an alternative solution is found. Minister Regev also concluded that the planning of an additional access road to the “knowledge-intensive” industrial area would be approved. According to the plan, the road will be extended from the Jaljulia junction, parallel to Road 531, to the industrial area and will constitute an entrance and exit directly from the road to the industrial area.


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