Trump’s recount in Wisconsin gives Biden extra votes


The partial recount requested by President Trump in the state of Wisconsin has increased his rival Biden’s lead. The Democrat already voted more than 20,000 votes in favor and now received a net 87 more.

The Trump campaign paid $ 3 million for the recount in two Democratic counties, Dane and Milwaukee. In the first Trump got 45 more, in the second there were 132 more for Biden.

Trump waived a total recount, which would have cost $ 8 million. Trump still wants to challenge the result in court, but the question is whether he will succeed before the deadline of December 2.

Recount after recount

It is the second time that a recount does not change the outcome of the US election. Even in an official recount in the state of Georgia, Trump was unable to undo Biden’s profit, although the Democrat’s lead shrank slightly, from 14,000 to 12,000.

Trump’s campaign team requested a new recount immediately after this recount, which will begin on Tuesday. The results of this must be announced during the week.

The president has made unsuccessful attempts in five states to turn the election results in his favor. Even if he had won Georgia and Wisconsin, he wouldn’t have enough electors to remain president of the United States.


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