Trump’s Justice Minister wants a nationwide investigation into voting fraud


US Attorney William Barr has ordered prosecutors to investigate election fraud. His boss, President Trump, says there has been widespread fraud, but comes with no evidence.

Barr writes in instructions to prosecutors that there are “substantial allegations of irregularities in voting and counting.” According to him, they should investigate this.

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“I give my consent to investigate substantial allegations of fraud in voting or vote counting before the election results become final,” Barr wrote in a letter. He does add that they should not go after ‘unrealistic or far-fetched’ claims.

‘Legal votes’

Since the night of the election, President Trump has said that fraud has been widespread. Trump says he would have won the election if only ‘legal votes’ were counted.

No evidence has yet been found of the fraud Trump is talking about. Trump, his campaign and the Republican Party have filed lawsuits in multiple states to challenge the election results.

‘If you count the legal votes, I won’

President Trump twice claimed that he won.

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