‘Trump is in haste with permits for oil drilling Alaska nature reserve’ | NOW


President Donald Trump wants to speed up the licensing of oil drilling in a nature reserve in the state of Alaska. The American leader would like to arrange this before Joe Biden is sworn in as the new president of the United States.

Sources say that Bloomberg. Biden has indicated that he will not allow drilling in that area.

It concerns the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge nature reserve in northeastern Alaska. Trump would now like to accelerate a licensing process for oil companies.

Environmental groups are against the drilling because local nature and animal life such as polar bears would be endangered by oil pollution, for example. Biden has said drilling in the nature reserve would be a “major disaster”.

According to estimates by the US government, extractable oil reserves can be found in the nature reserve between 4.3 billion and 11.8 billion barrels (of 159 liters). It is still very questionable whether oil companies see sufficient opportunities in the area. The lack of infrastructure and low oil prices may make extraction unprofitable. In addition, there may be considerable public resistance if the drilling continues.


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