Trump happy with election investigation: ‘HUGE TEL FRAUD’ | Abroad


United States Attorney General William Barr had authorized federal prosecutors to investigate Trump’s suggested ballot box fraud by the Democrats.

In a letter with instructions to prosecutors, Barr spoke of “substantial allegations of irregularities in voting and counting.” However, Barr also urged federal prosecutors not to pursue all too “unrealistic or far-fetched” allegations.

Trump shared the news of the investigation with his followers. He speaks US time Tuesday morning of ‘MASSAGE FRAUD BY VOTES COUNT’ and points out to followers that he had ‘FORECAST’ it.

Richard Pilger, the Justice Department official in charge of investigating potential election crimes, resigned in protest hours after Barr’s announcement, The New York Times quotes from an email Pilger sent to his colleagues.

“Now that I am familiar with the new policy and its implications, I regret to resign as director of the electoral crimes division,” said Pilger.


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