Trump gives first interview since election: ‘It’s very difficult to get a case to Supreme Court’


He acknowledged that his fight to reverse the election result “probably” will not make it to the Supreme Court. “It’s very difficult to get a case to the Supreme Court,” Trump said.
He reiterated his litany of largely unsubstantiated allegations about the November 3 election, without providing any evidence for his claim that million votes in various combat states were fraudulent. He pointed out that he is gradually running out of legal options.

Trump lost the election to Biden, but the president refused to admit it even though an official transition has started. Trump chose to fight the election in court. Almost every complaint his team filed has been dismissed due to lack of evidence.

In the conflicted state of Wisconsin, a second county, Dane, has now completed the recount of votes. However, the recount confirmed Biden’s winnings. Earlier it turned out that after the recount in Milwaukee County, Biden gained an even bigger lead over Trump than before. In Milwaukee, Biden’s lead increased by 132 votes, in Dane by 87.

Team Trump requested a partial recount of the votes in the state of Wisconsin on Nov. 18, paying the legally established sum of $ 3 million ($ 2.5 million).

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