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Donald Trump was originally supposed to attend the meeting, but ended up speaking on a phone through the microphone of his lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis.
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Current President Donald Trump has spoken at what he himself called a “very important Senate hearing in Pennsylvania,” but was an unofficial meeting of a local Republican committee and Trump’s team at a hotel in Gettysburg. He repeated his allegations of electoral fraud and said he had the evidence. Now all he needs is a judge brave enough to undo Joe Biden’s winnings.

Trump was originally supposed to be in person, but he spoke to his supporters over the phone from his Oval Office. His lawyer Jenna Ellis put her cell phone on speaker and held it up to the microphone.

Trump said at the election fraud meeting on Wednesday, “This was an election we easily won. We won it big. ” According to Trump, it was impossible that he didn’t win because the Pennsylvania energy industry was all for him. “This election was faked and we cannot let that happen for our country. This election must be reversed, because we won Pennsylvania big and we won all those swing states big. ” Biden beat Trump in Pennsylvania by 80,555 votes.

“Anyone who watched TV on election night said, Wow. I got a call from the greatest political people: Congratulations, sir, on a great victory. And then suddenly voices were dumped everywhere. ” These were mostly postal votes, which many Biden voters made use of, and which were later counted. Trump had called on his voters to vote in person beforehand.

Trump Addresses Republicans:
Photo: AFP

“It is a shame that this is happening to our country. We won big. We received 74 million votes (versus over 80 million for Biden, ed.). If you said that to any expert the day before the election, they would say, It’s impossible to beat that. We received 11 million votes more than four years ago. Much more than Ronald Reagan when he won 49 states. And no one would have said we even had a chance of losing. You just had to look at the numbers at 10pm, when everyone thought the election was all but over. And then very strange things happened. ”

“Violently Harassed”

Trump talked about the Dominion voter system, dead people who voted, votes were cast illegally late, or fraudulently on behalf of other voters. “We have testimonials from observers, in a stack that reaches the ceiling.” According to Trump, Republican observers were “treated like dogs” by “bad people who don’t like our country” and were not allowed to stand by as the votes were counted. There would also be intimidation. According to Trump, Republicans who refused to certify the results were “violently harassed” in Michigan while the cameras were turned off.

“The whole world is looking at us, at the US, and we can’t let them get away with this,” Trump said. According to him, judges do not dare to make statements to reverse the election. “But why not? We have hundreds of testimonials. ” He thanked all the “patriots” who signed testimonials, as well as the senators present, his lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and the right-wing TV channels for their “courage”. According to Trump, the fight is going very well.

“I appreciate what you are doing. We have to reverse the election because there is no doubt: we have all the evidence, we have all the testimonials, we have everything. All we need is for a judge to really listen to it, without having a political opinion or any other problem. ”

“Not thinking about 2024”

It would be easy to say: Well, let’s worry about four years from now. No. This election was lost by the Democrats. They cheated. It was a fraudulent election. And we have to look at that. ”

According to Trump, there are more than enough fraudulent votes to reverse the result. “I got a lot more votes than they thought, so they hit the gas and got caught. Just like they were caught spying on my campaign. ”

Trump would later receive the Pennsylvania Republicans at the White House. His team wants to undo the official certification of the election results in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. A judge ruled on Wednesday that “further steps” in finalizing the results should be provisionally suspended, until a hearing on Friday.

Party member: “Shameful irony”

Republican Tom Ridge, former federal secretary and former Pennsylvania governor, severely criticized the gathering of Trump’s team in his state via Twitter: “History will record the embarrassing irony that a president who lied to avoid military service event on the sacred grounds of Gettysburg, in a brutal attempt to undermine the Republic for which countless true patriots have fought and died since its founding. ” Gettysburg was a pivotal battlefield in the American Civil War.


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