Trump acknowledged the loss, and repeated it


US President Donald Trump this afternoon (Sunday) issued what sounds like his first acknowledgment that his Democratic opponent Joe Biden won the presidential election – although it is still a statement that does not include recognition of the legitimacy of his victory. In a Twitter tweet, Trump wrote without mentioning Biden’s name: “He won because the election was fake.”

Trump admits loss first:

In a tweet, Trump reiterated his claims that inspectors and observers were not allowed to take a closer look at the vote. It should be noted that nearly two weeks after the election Trump and his men have yet to provide significant evidence of large-scale fraud, and the courts to which Republicans have filed petitions against the proceeding have repeatedly rejected them on the grounds that no real failures were found.

Shortly after the tweet, when Trump realized that he had actually admitted to the loss, the president tweeted once more: “He only won the Pike News media. I did not admit anything! There is still a long way to go. These were fake elections!”, He wrote.

And returns to it after a short time:


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