Trial against suspects Charlie Hebdo massacre postponed for week due to coronavirus


The main suspect already tested positive on Saturday, reason for the court to test the other suspects as well. “Given current health protocols requiring isolation from both positive and contact cases, the hearing will not be able to resume this week,” the court president wrote in an email to all lawyers.

The trial was halted on Wednesday as the prime suspect began to vomit. He was sent back to prison where he visited a doctor. The session was resumed the following day. After Saturday’s test result, the court suspended the hearing for several days, pending the results of the other tests.

The 2015 attacks were committed after the weekly Charlie Hebdo published cartoons of the prophet Mohammed. The three perpetrators died in the aftermath of the attacks. Those currently on trial are suspected of, among other things, membership of a terrorist organization and financing terrorism. At the time, a total of seventeen people were killed.

The trial of the suspects started more than two months ago and nearly 150 witnesses and experts have already spoken. Normally the trial would end on November 10th. The cartoons in question have also caused new attacks in recent weeks. She was a teacher murdered near Paris. And this week, three more people were killed in the Basilica of Nice.


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