Tomorrow ‘mini-top’ on jihadist terrorism in the EU


European leaders will talk tomorrow about the recent jihadist attacks in the EU. Participants of the ‘mini-summit’ are EU President Michel, President of the European Commission Von der Leyen and the leaders of Austria, France and Germany.

They hope to find an answer to the violence of recent times. Austrian Chancellor Kurz calls for a robust plan to tackle jihadists like the one in the Vienna attack. Securing the EU borders plays a role in this, he says. Earlier, French President Macron also argued for better border security.

Attacks in multiple cities

Several EU Member States have recently been hit by terrorism. In France, for example, teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded by an extremist Muslim in a suburb of Paris. The teacher had shown cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in the classroom. Three people were killed in a knife attack in a church in Nice. In October, a convicted Islamist stabbed two people in Dresden.

In Vienna a week ago, four people were killed and more than twenty injured when a supporter of ISIS fired at several places.

The victims of this attack were commemorated today in the Austrian capital. EU President Michel laid a wreath and Chancellor Kurz was also present at the ceremony in the center of the city. After the commemoration, Michel argued for the establishment of a European training institute for imams to combat Muslim extremism.


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