‘Tiger King’ star charged with animal cruelty | TV


Jeff and his wife Lauren Lowe had to temporarily close their Oklahoma state park last summer after an inspection found neglected animals. Prosecutors now allege, according to the New York Post, that they then continued illegally with the wildlife park by transporting the animals to another piece of land and opening Tiger King Park there without the necessary permits. They would not employ a veterinarian for this, and some of the animals would have been found malnourished on inspection.

The Lowes’ animals are said to have no safe cages, are not given enough to eat, and suffer from conditions that are easily prevented and cured with proper care. This would have killed a number of animals, after which the couple would have burned the cadavers of tigers, among others.

Lowe claims the allegations are unfounded, according to TMZ, because no one has been with the animals for two months to find such violations. Prosecutors want the zoo to be shut down immediately and Jeff and Lauren Lowe to turn over all their endangered animals to authorities.


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