Thousands of people were locked up in the field because of a Corona patient


Shanghai Pudong International Airport, China, went into chaos last night after one of the workers was tested and found positive for the corona virus. Following this, the field decided to close the thousands of people who were in it at the time in order to do quick tests for everyone.

Checkers with full protection were called to the scene and began sealing all entrances and exits in an attempt to concentrate everyone in the basement.

At first they still managed to do some testing, but as time went on, people began to lose patience and feared that staying in a small and crowded place would cause them to get infected or be forced to go into rigid 14-day isolation. Videos documenting the incident show the crowd breaking through the human barrier and fleeing the scene.

In China, the country where the virus broke out, over time they managed to eradicate it almost completely and today many efforts are being made to keep the number of patients as low as possible. As part of the effort, the state has also begun giving experimental vaccines to civil servants and students studying abroad.

After the failed attempt to check all the people in the field at once, the news agencies reported that an effort was made to locate everyone who was at the airport at the time with the aim of performing a corona check soon. According to reports, most people have already been tested and found to be negative for the virus.


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