This is the story behind the video of the tomb that reads “Bibi”


A video that was distributed last night on social media in which a grave with the caption “Bibi” was seen caused a great stir. An accusing finger was pointed in the direction of leftists, claiming they had crossed a red line. In a conversation with “Live at Night”, the CEO of Hevra Kadisha reveals the truth about the grave

Last night, a video was circulated on social media showing a grave with the caption “Bibi” on it. “I go to a purple cemetery in Petah Tikva and you will see what a tomb was made for Bibi here,” the photographer says in the video, adding: “A black grave like the black flags.” The prime minister’s son, Yair Netanyahu, also tweeted the documentation again on Twitter.

Yair Netanyahu retweeted the video | Photo: Live at Night, Rainbow 12

The same video caused a great stir on social media when an accusing finger was pointed at leftists, but it turns out that the same grave was purchased many years ago, by a man who just wants to be buried next to his beloved.

“There is a woman who is buried, she died in 1983 and one of her family members bought the adjacent grave,” explained Yehuda Porat, CEO of Hevra Kadisha in Petah Tikva. “It is a grave purchased decades ago. The person is not a provocateur, he is a normative person from a normative and very good family. “


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