This is how they reacted to Megan Merkel’s quiet birth


In a particularly brave and exposed personal column, Megan Merkel revealed this morning that she went through a quiet birth last July. With chilling words and harsh descriptions, Megan has managed to touch many readers all over the world, and even in the UK, where people like to visit the Duchess, have softened – and comforted

This morning, in a particularly exposed personal column, Megan Merkel, Prince Harry’s wife, revealed that she had a quiet birth last July. The Duchess of Sussex wrote candidly about the difficult moments in which she realized she had lost her fetus, while holding her baby son – Archie. In the UK, the market has received the hard news, and many of the citizens and media people who have attacked Megan many times in the past have discovered other sides – and responded to the news.

The host of the “Good Mornin Britain” morning show, Pierce Morgan, took the stage to send his love to Megan. The veteran presenter has used the stage many times in the past to attack Megan and criticize her choices, but now – another side has come out of it. “It happened in July. Very sad news for her and for Harry,” he said on the broadcast. “I think it will affect many of us. Unfortunately, many pregnancies end in a quiet birth. Megan wrote in a sensitive and powerful way.”

The presenter next to him, Susanna, added: “The main thing that such publications do is provide some comfort to people who have had a similar experience. When someone famous talks about a topic that is really hard to talk about,” she said. “We send a lot of love to the family.”

Not only did the British media react with astonishment, and many fans of the royal couple came out with messages of support for Megan, recounting the difficult experiences they went through themselves. “I was exactly the age of Megan with one child when I had a quiet birth … and then another, and another,” wrote one of the surfers. “Be kind, it’s a very lonely place.”


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