‘There will be a binding members’ referendum on party leadership Thierry Baudet’ – De Daily Standaard


The board of Forum for Democracy announces that it has come up with a solution for the internal struggle: a binding members’ referendum will be organized on whether Thierry Baudet should be party leader or not.

“The question that is presented to this consultation of members,” the board said, is “Do you want Thierry Baudet to remain the party leader of FVD? Yes or no?” So it is about the party chairmanship, not so much about the party leader.

“The party board will also call a formal general meeting as soon as possible. There, the future composition of FVD is put on the agenda. The further details of the agenda of that general members’ meeting will follow as soon as possible after the result of the binding referendum. Because the result of the referendum is of course important for that. ”

“In the coming days, we will be making preparations for this binding referendum to be conducted in an orderly and fair manner. Our members can look forward to the invitation soon. ”

“We deeply regret the whole state of affairs over the past few days,” the board continues. “We see a binding referendum in which members can vote on the future of our party as the only right step forward at the moment. Entirely in line with the philosophy and ideas of Forum for Democracy. ”

That’s how it is. Let us not forget that Forum for Democracy is not Annabel Nanninga’s, or Kevin Kreuger, or Eva Vlaardingerbroek, or Nicki Pouw-Verweij, Van Lennart van der Linden, Rob Rooken, Olaf Ephraim or even Thierry Baudet. No, Forum for Democracy belongs to its members.

As far as I am concerned, this is the only correct way to definitively decide the internal struggle. seen the popularity of Baudet among FVD voters there is a good chance that he will win the referendum, but that is not automatic. If members wish otherwise, they can make that decision. That’s up to them. Not to any ‘prominent’.

An elegant solution to a terrible problem.

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