The World Ends With You will be released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in 2021


Square Enix has announced a new game in The World Ends With You franchise. The game is called NEO: The World Ends With You and should be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2021.

NEO: The World Ends With You is a 3D action RPG and the official description tells us that players will step into the shoes of ‘Rindo’. They will “unravel mysteries of the deadly Reaper’s Game.” The game takes place in a stylish Shibuya, the neighborhood in Tokyo.

The trailer for the new game can be found below and an official website for the new game has been launched.

This is the first full-fledged 3D game in the series. In 2007 the original game was released on Nintendo 3DS and in 2018 the game got a port to modern consoles. In addition to exploring Shibuya, players will “join forces with their teammates against monsters in fast-paced, action-packed battles. In addition, they will complete missions as they seek to change their fate.” It all sounds wonderfully cryptic again.

The trailer introduces a number of characters, two of which are friends of Rindo: Fret and Nagi. There is also a mysterious character with a hood who looks like stepped out of Kingdom Hearts. This is Minamimoto.

The official anime for The World Ends With You will be released in April 2021. The new game will follow in the summer of that year.


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