The secret wedding was revealed; An investigation will be opened – Black Dome News


Contrary to Corona’s guidelines in the United States, a huge wedding was held about two weeks ago for the grandson of the Rebbe of Satmar, Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum, far from nothing and under a cloak of secrecy.

The wedding took place in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn when its exact location was passed on by word of mouth and not by official means.

Throughout the days leading up to the event the devotees were asked not to disclose the location of the wedding, nor its existence.

After the wedding, the storks bragged about their success in deceiving the authorities. The Hasidic newspaper Der Blat reported in Yiddish that “due to government restrictions, the preparations were made secretly and discreetly so as not to attract attention … Included in this paper. “

The report reached the New York Times, which published the news of the mass incident and even published photos of it. The report said that about 7,000 people attended the wedding event, most of whom did not wear masks throughout the wedding.

Authorities reportedly opened an investigation following the mass violation.


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