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בני גנץ

Bnei Gantz

Photo: Oded Karni, GPO

A blue-and-white chairman sent a message to Netanyahu that the commission of inquiry into the submarine was intended to “please the base” and would not harm the USSR.

The full column of political commentator Matti Tochfeld is published today (Friday) in the “Israel of the Week” supplement of “Israel Today”:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear that he is not interested in the election, and sources in the political system estimate that this is indeed not another round between the Likud and Blue and White as part of accusations of “who is responsible for dispersing the Knesset.”

According to them, in recent days a significant dialogue has been established between Netanyahu and Ganz to formulate a compromise that will prevent the dissolution of the Knesset, for the time being, and give Netanyahu another period of time, at the end of which he will go to the polls before implementing the rotation agreement. According to the same sources, Ganz has in recent days, close to his decision to establish a committee of inquiry in the Ministry of Defense on the submarine affair, informed Netanyahu that he has nothing to worry about as a result of the establishment of the committee.

According to the message received by the Likud, Ganz clarified that all his intentions in the decision of the commission of inquiry were to “please the base”, and that he had no doubt that nothing would happen to the prime minister and his status, and that he would not even be summoned to testify before the commission. He stressed that the mandate given to the committee, according to the letter of appointment he signed, is very limited, devoid of powers and without teeth.

As part of the dialogue between the parties are the director general of the new deputy prime minister’s office, Hod Betzer, on the part of Ganz, and on the part of Netanyahu, the head of the staff, Asher Hayun and his associate, Natan Eshel.

The sources also said that messages have been circulating between the parties in recent days regarding the budget and other issues. On the same axis, for example, Netanyahu’s demand went from Gantz to move Avi Nissenkorn out of office and give up the rotation for prime minister. Demands that were met on the part of Ganz absolutely not.

However, the dialogue team is formulating a compromise on the budget issue, which will allow the Knesset to pass the legal deadline for the transfer of the 2020 budget, which is set for December 23, and to postpone the date by one to three more months. Since this is a real fold for Gantz, since it actually allows for an additional opening date for the pre-rotation election, the parties are examining how it will be possible to minimize the damage and soften the intensity of criticism he will suffer if a final decision is made on the move.

Ganz demands a binding deadline for the approval of the 2021 budget as a condition for the transfer of the 2020 budget, but all the proposals he has submitted so far are not acceptable to Netanyahu. The political system estimates that it is still too early to assess how the talks will end and whether an agreement will eventually be reached that will lead to the postponement of the elections by a few more months.


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