The Red Cross sees the corona crisis hitting hard in the Netherlands and is scaling up emergency aid


‘Employers ban use of CoronaMelder according to unions’

Some employers prohibit their staff from using the CoronaMelder app or advise against downloading it to prevent employees from receiving a warning and being quarantined for ten days. Trade unions CNV and FNV each received dozens of reports about this, writes the newspaper Faithful Monday.

Users can submit their positive test results via the CoronaMelder. Anyone who has downloaded the app and has been in the vicinity of someone with a positive result for more than 15 minutes will receive a warning and are advised to go to quarantine. In particular, small entrepreneurs and employers in the retail and industrial sectors, where staff often cannot work from home, would advise against the use of the app because of the recommended quarantine. They are afraid of staff failure, resulting in higher absenteeism costs or production shutdown, according to CNV Faithful.

Prohibiting the app is prohibited due to the balance of power between employer and employee, says employment lawyer Pascal Besselink Faithful. “If an employer requests such a thing, in whatever way, many employees will not experience it as a voluntary choice and will feel obliged – especially in these times of crisis – to follow the advice.”

The app was previously a problem in public transport, for example, because bus drivers come into contact with many people through their profession. As a result, they run a high risk of receiving a notification via the app, while they are protected with splash screens. Also, because it works via bluetooth, the app is not completely accurate. About 70 percent of all users who receive a warning would actually have been within five feet of someone with a positive test result.

The Red Cross sees the corona crisis hitting hard in the Netherlands and is scaling up emergency aid

In the second corona wave, the Red Cross notes a doubling of the food shortage in the Netherlands and is also receiving more and more requests for medical support and shelter. That is why the organization is scaling up the corona aid considerably.

“We are in the middle of the second corona wave and we see that people today are losing jobs, have too little to eat and sometimes not even have a roof over their heads”, Marieke van Schaik, director of the Red Cross, told ANP news agency. “We not only see that the corona crisis continues for a long time, but also that the consequences of the crisis are hitting large groups hard. That is why we are scaling up our assistance substantially. “

EUR 48 million is needed for the emergency aid that is expected to be provided until May next year. Giro 7244 has so far received 900,000 euros for the assistance.

The Red Cross currently provides food aid to more than three thousand people a week, who are not eligible for assistance from other organizations such as the food bank. The Red Cross also assists the GGDs with tests and source and contact research.

In the winter, the aid organization expects a lack of space at the homeless shelters, because the shelters are not set up at a distance of one and a half meters. According to Statistics Netherlands, there are currently about 40,000 homeless people in the Netherlands.

Protective equipment that was handed in during a fundraising campaign by the Red Cross at the start of the corona crisis. Photo Robin Utrecht / ANP

WHO boss Ghebreyesus in quarantine and Trump criticizes European lockdowns

  • Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of the World Health Organization WHO is quarantined because he has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus. “I feel fine and have no symptoms. But in the coming days I will go into home isolation in line with the WHO protocols and work from home, ”he said via Twitter. Ghebreyesus is calling on everyone to also follow all corona protocols, because this is the only way to stop the spread of the virus.
  • The American President Donald Trump has strongly criticized Europe’s “draconian lockdowns” at a campaign meeting in North Carolina. He promised his supporters that he will not take such measures, despite the rapidly increasing number of infections in the US. “Look at what happened in Europe. People revolt, they don’t want to and can’t do that anymore, ”Trump said. He pointed out that despite the lockdowns, the number of infections in Europe is skyrocketing, while leaving the economies in ruins.
  • The British prins William got infected with the coronavirus in April this year, but kept it a secret so as not to cause panic in the country, reports The Sun. He contracted the lung virus just after his father, Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to government guidelines, William went into quarantine in his family home Anmer Hall in Norfolk and continued to work hard despite having difficulty breathing at one point, the tabloid writes.

Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus van de WHO. Martial Trezzini / EPA photo

The last news

Welcome to a new blog. Here, NRC keeps up with the latest developments regarding the outbreak of the corona virus. The main news on Sunday was:

  • Almost half of the population of Slovakia was tested for the corona virus one day. More than 2.5 million Slovaks took the test on Saturday, according to the country’s authorities. With the free tests, a hard lockdown must be avoided.
  • From Saturday to Sunday, 8,740 new positive corona tests were reported to the RIVM. That is more than a thousand less than the day before. The number of corona patients in Dutch hospitals increased by 45.
  • It is in the night from Saturday to Sunday been restless again in several Spanish cities. Demonstrators clashed with riot police after protests against strict corona measures got out of hand. Sixty arrests were made.

Read here the full blog from Sunday back


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