The rain is back, fear of floods – news in the country


After two days in which the temperatures were relatively high for the season, the weather is about to change significantly already tonight.

The Meteorological Service said local local rain accompanied by single thunderstorms is expected to start along the coast and later spread to all over the country.

There is a fear of flooding in the coastal plain and in the lowlands. In the morning, there is a slight risk of flooding in the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea.

Tomorrow (Sunday) it rained intermittently from the north of the country to the northern Negev. In the morning there is a fear of flooding on the coastal plain. In the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea, there is a slight risk of flooding. Temperatures have dropped considerably and will be lower than normal for the season. The rains will gradually weaken from the afternoon.

On Monday in the north and center of the country, local rain is expected, mostly light. Will continue to be colder than usual in season.

On Tuesday, there will be a slight rise in temperatures, especially in the mountains and inland. In the morning there may still be a drizzle until light local rain in the north and center of the country.

Due to the fear of floods, the Nature and Parks Authority announced that starting tomorrow, all hiking and surfing trails in the Judean Desert will be closed. Also, the hiking trails in Nahal Prat will be closed, except for the Ein Prat and Ein Mabua sites.


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