The IDF lied to 0404 in its response: Watch the proof that up to this moment training continues in the city of the Baha’is according to Christianity and Jesus


Last week, we revealed here on 0404 News that the IDF teaches our soldiers in the introduction to a first aid course how to behave in a good way – as is the practice in Christianity and as Jesus did.

In a course held in the city of the Baha’is, in a compulsory lesson, the commander teaches our novice soldiers and gives them a learning presentation based on the good Samaritan parable – the familiar parable from the New Testament. Thus, trying to show our soldiers how to behave and how to be as good as Jesus.

As you may recall, soldiers reacted angrily on the subject and made it clear that they were not willing to study these materials. One of the soldiers presented to News 0404 a WhatsApp conversation with his commander, during which he sent him the presentation so that he could learn.

An IDF spokesman said last week that the presentation was old and its use was stopped years ago and the presentation no longer exists. The IDF Spokesman said: “This is an old presentation that they stopped presenting years ago. The claim that the presentation was used recently will be tested, “but News 0404 test proves that not only did the IDF give a false response, but that even up to this moment (Sunday) the presentation is on the site. Moreover, commanders responded to feedback The reactions of some of the commanders and soldiers from the last few days need to be improved.

Soldiers further testify that they continue to receive until this moment the presentation that includes Christianity, Jesus and the New Testament.

In addition, the presentation was uploaded to the site only in 2018 – so it is also not possible theoretically that they stopped using it about 3 years ago.

In recent days, various sources, including organizations fighting the mission, have approached the chief of staff, the defense minister and ministers in the Knesset and demanded that they address the difficult issue revealed here in News 0404.

As mentioned, we are now revealing that the IDF may have decided to stop the madness following the exposure of 0404, but it certainly did not stop until we approached the issue.

Senior officer: ‘A commission of inquiry should be set up here. We are forcibly put in the crazy funds and content that must not be presented in the Israel Defense Forces. It really is an exceptional event that someone has to pay for. ‘

The organization of Order 1 said in response to News 0404: “It is unbelievable how an offense leads to an offense. Part of the senior command crushes Judaism, introduces Christianity, the commander in the field forces it on the soldiers, and then the IDF spokesman lies with a determined forehead in front of all the people of Israel. Continuing the legacy of false culture bequeathed by the previous spokesman, Major General Moti Almoz, and this officer should be tried today for harming the public’s trust in the IDF. “A missionary against IDF soldiers, who must be fully interrogated.”

We will present the IDF Spokesman’s response later…

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