“The government is opaque”: Gym and pool workers demonstrate in Tel Aviv


Dozens of workers in the gyms and swimming pools industries demonstrated tonight (Monday) in front of the Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv, in protest of the continued closure of gyms and pools.

“The fitness and pool industry is fighting for its life, when for about eight months it opens and closes intermittently,” warned Holmes Place Group CEO, Drunk Foundation: “Unfortunately, no one in the government finds the time to understand how important our industry is to public health. “Both mentally and mentally.”

She says, “I hear from our subscribers, that because they are sitting at home and unable to exercise, they are gaining weight and suffering from depression. If the government’s opacity continues, gyms and pools will lose their ability to survive.”

Demonstrators in Tel Aviv against the decision to leave the gyms and pools closed (Photo: Avshalom Shashoni)
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The president of Lahav, Adv. Roi Cohen, said at the demonstration: “It is time to open businesses in the green cities and save the retail and fitness and sports industries in Israel. We gathered for a painful protest, for our life’s enterprises collapsing before our eyes, for the loss of the way, the livelihood and health of the trade, fashion, restaurants, fitness and swimming pools industries. The only illness that arises is that of businesses in Israel, because everyone is sitting at home, with the availability of expenses and no income. “


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