The Dutch population can be vaccinated within a year – De Dagaily Standaard


RIVM looks to the future with hope, and expects to be able to vaccinate everyone before the end of the fourth quarter of 2021. Most vaccinations will not arrive until mid-2021, according to a favorable scenario, but the vaccination itself will not take very long.

Most of the people who qualify for a vaccination shot will have had it before the end of next year. And that’s good news, it means that once the vaccinations are in, the vaccination itself won’t be a long process.

“The order of magnitude is therefore correct, but we are now on the track that things are going to be better than expected. If we look at the schedule, some of the vaccines will be delivered in the third quarter. ”

However, there are still quite a few follow-up steps before the first people in the Netherlands can be vaccinated. The vaccine must first be approved within the EU and laboratories will also check whether the quality of the vaccine is good enough. Nevertheless, RIVM has confidence in it.

“As it looks now, it is not likely, but certainly not impossible that we will start vaccinating this year,” Van Delden continues. “We are doing our very best to start as soon as possible, but we don’t have enough information to say whether it will still be successful this year or whether it will start next year. That really depends on those three steps. ”

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