“The Dutch police should check for Belgians who are fun …


To the news that the mayor of Maastricht, due to busyness, from Belgians, among others, declared code red for the city center, Mayor Marino Keulen (Open VLD) of Lanaken responded that the Dutch police crossed the border for those Belgians cross, but must stop, check and fine. “We will no longer hold static checks at the border, because that will cause unnecessary loss of time and social dramas for people who follow the rules and only cross the border for work, studies, family visits or for informal care,” said Mayor of Cologne Sunday.

He himself was not aware that code red had been declared in Maastricht. “I propose that the Netherlands should filter Belgians on its own territory and check them for their reason for presence. If those Belgians are there for fun shopping or as part of recreation, then they have to issue fines in the Netherlands. One in three does not respect the rules and still moves to the Netherlands. They pose a threat to public health in the Netherlands. The police can easily pick out the Belgians on the basis of the number plate ”, says Marino Keulen.

Since mid-November there have been warning signs against non-essential border movements at the border crossings between Lanaken and Riemst and Maastricht.

The mayor of Riemst, Mark Vos (CD&V), also announced that he will not organize border controls. “It is a pity that they cannot hold back, because it is only a limited group. It is understandable that they are promulgating code red in the Netherlands. In any case, we have decided not to have border controls unless we are required by the Federal Public Service of the Interior. In the first lockdown, things were more than twenty years ago, with barricades of concrete blocks and barbed wire. I make an appeal to use common sense. After all, they will soon be able to shop again in Belgium ”, says Mark Vos.


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