“The damage to the ground was severe – they had no chance” – Security News


ההתרסקות ההתרסקות

Crash scene

Photo: Rescue Union

A light aircraft crashed today (Tuesday) in the Mishmar Hanegev area, killing two passengers, an IDF officer in reserve who served as a pilot and cadet instructor. Maariv’s military commentator and 103FM Tal Lev Ram provided the details of the disaster.

“At about 11:30, a light aircraft crashed in the Mishmar Hanegev area, as happens in incidents of this type, both MDA ground forces jump to the spot and a 669 force arrives in this area, as happens in accidents of this type. “In fact, there was not much chance, the damage to the ground was so severe that they knew on the spot that two people had been killed in this accident,” said Lev Ram.

He said, “The weather conditions are normal and not exceptional in one way or another. I assume that they will later investigate the cause of the accident, a technical malfunction or a human error.”

He clarified that the cause of the crash was unknown, but added: “Open space, convenient time for flight, more explanatory weather conditions, there is nothing unusual neither in the nature of the flight nor in the weather characteristic – may indicate that they did not identify any specific indication of a malfunction. I think we should wait. “

An IDF spokesman said: “Today, an IDF officer who served as a flight instructor and an IDF soldier who served as a pilot from the flight school were killed as a result of a plane crash in an open area in the south of the country. The commander of the Air Force, Major General Amikam Nurkin, instructed the establishment of an expert investigation team headed by an officer with the rank of colonel to examine the circumstances of the incident. Also, the Air Force Commander has decided to stop training flights and training in the Air Force starting today. “Messages were given to their families,” the IDF shares the families’ grief and will continue to accompany them. “


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