The Crown actress Emma Corrin to hospital | Entertainment


“I had to shoot a scene in a freezing pool with my ‘children’ William and Harry. It was truly the hardest shot I have ever had, because I had caught a bad cold in the days before. It was so cold that I literally tried to keep myself above water. And then we found out during the recording that ‘Harry’ could not swim ”, said Corrin.

She continues: “We were supposed to fly back to England that evening, so we went to the hospital to get some antibiotics. The doctors did an oxygen test on me and then said that they absolutely would not let me board the plane. My oxygen levels were much too low, which led to hospitalization. ”

Once the hospital staff realized that Emma was “Princess Diana,” they did everything they could to keep her identity a secret. “We know you play this part. Do you want us to put a paper bag over your head so that no one recognizes you? ”

For Corrin, that was when she realized how much impact The Crown worldwide. “Then you lie there completely disabled and gasping for breath. And then complete strangers worry about your privacy, while it would be a long time before the new season would air. That did something to me. ”


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