The corona in Israel: a decrease in the percentage of positives


The Ministry of Health announced this morning (Wednesday) the state of spread of the corona virus in Israel. According to the data in the last day, 831 new carriers were diagnosed out of 39,526 tests, with a positive percentage of 2.1%. In fact, it is a stabilization in the rate of spread of the virus after on November 1 there was an increase to a level of 4 percent positive.

The number of active patients in Israel is 9,787, of whom 574 are hospitalized throughout the country. 365 patients in critical condition and 162 of them are connected to respirators.

The number of medical staff in isolation is only 614 people, of whom 181 are brothers and sisters and 83 are physicians. The number of deaths in Israel has not changed since midnight and stands at 2,592.


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