The best apps of week 48-2020 in App Gemist


In the weekly section App Missed you can read which apps from the past week are worthwhile. We always discuss about five apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac. These could be apps you might not have known about or that are useful or just funny to try. And that can also be old-timers who have received a major update and therefore receive some extra attention.

Discussed earlier this week on iCulture:

iCulture App of the Week: HomeCam for Mac

Do you use a HomeKit camera that you can view in the Home app? Then HomeCam might be for you. This app shows live what your cameras see in one minimalist overview. You can also view one camera in a larger window. HomeCam has previously appeared for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, but is now also available for the Mac.

The advantage of HomeCam is that you don’t have to open the entire Home app with all kinds of other buttons that you don’t always need. HomeCam is available on all Apple devices with one purchase since this week. We have been a fan of the maker’s apps for a while. Also check out his other apps such as HomeRun (for HomeKit on the Apple Watch) and HomePass (with which you can save the HomeKit codes).

Cargo Rush

Cargo Rush is a game from the Dutch developer and train enthusiast Roland Lentze. In Cargo Rush the aim is to get all cargo from A to B as quickly as possible. Stay on track with the train and pass all the factories. There are several tracks, so choose tactically. The game looks nice and works on both the iPhone and the iPad. There are 30 levels with varying difficulty.


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