The average number of deaths is now also falling


For the first time in several weeks, the number of people who die from covid-19 every day is now also declining. This is evident from preliminary data from the Sciensano health institute.

Between November 8 and 14, an average of 184.7 people died every day. That is 4.6 percent less than a week earlier. In total, 14,839 people died of covid-19 in our country.

In the meantime, the number of new infections and hospital admissions continues to decline. Between 8 and 14 November, an average of 4,804.9 people became infected with the virus (-39 percent) every day. In total, our country already has 540,605 diagnosed infections.

There are now 6,264 covid patients in hospital (-5 percent), of whom 1,359 in intensive care (-3 percent). Between November 11 and 17, there were an average of 405.7 new hospital admissions every day. That is a decrease of 24 percent from the seven days before.

The positivity ratio, the number of people who test positive in relation to the total number of tests, drops again below 20 percent by 19.5 percent. About 28,200 people are tested every day. The last known r-value dates from November 16, when it was 0.85. The figure has recently returned to below 1, which means that the pandemic in our country is shrinking.

The corona numbers are declining again. But how do our hospitals experience this second wave? In the video below, some care providers from the Heilig Hart Regional Hospital in Tienen testify.


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