Tel Aviv: A 48-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of rape and indecent acts on a minor


A 48-year-old southern resident was arrested yesterday on suspicion of committing offenses of rape and indecent acts on a minor. He will be brought today (Thursday) for a hearing on the police’s request to extend his detention in the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court. A preliminary police investigation revealed that the suspect, the spouse of the minor mother who served as her father figure, committed five years ago at the age of 16, offenses of minor possession and committing indecent acts for about a year.

The affair began about two weeks ago, when the police received a report of a suspicion of committing serious sexual offenses on a young woman, now 21, during the time she was a minor under the age of 16. The report suspected that the complainant’s mother raped her when she was 15 and committed other sexual offenses. About a year.

We will emphasize that this is a young woman in her early twenties who, after 5 years since she allegedly fell victim to the actions of her mother’s partner, mustered up the courage to pass the report to the police. We will further emphasize that prior to the heinous acts the suspect had a personal relationship with her mother for a long time, since she was little.

Following the report, the police opened an investigation during which many investigative actions were carried out and yesterday, as stated, the suspect was arrested and transferred for questioning, this morning he will be brought to the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court where the police will request an extension of his detention.

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