Take over Anderlecht with the help of English investors? Michael Verschueren responds to the rumors – Voetbalnieuws


Earlier this week Michael Verschueren bought 6% away from other Anderlecht shareholders, bringing his total to 11%. Since then, rumors of a takeover have surfaced.

Bee VTM Michael Verschueren reacted to his purchase of the shares and to the rumors. “Those are speculations and that is not the case. We want to help the club to continue in the short term. After that we will see what the future has to offer, but a takeover is absolutely not an option,” he explained. .

Verschueren also denies that he wants to gradually expand his packer. “At first I didn’t even intend to go from 5 to 11%. This is more due to the circumstances than it is a ‘strategic move by Verschueren’.”

Now we have to wait for a breakthrough in the capital increase that some within the club think is desperately needed. “I have my 11% and I will do my part to help the club, as has happened in the past. But now it’s up to the majority shareholders,” he concluded.


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