Tagliafico asked for Live is life in ArenA as a tribute to Maradona | NOW


Ajax players Nicolás Tagliafico and Lisandro Martínez asked for the song on Wednesday Live is life in the run-up to the Champions League match against FC Midtjylland. The Argentines thus honored their fellow countryman Diego Maradona, who died earlier in the day at the age of sixty.

“The news of Maradona’s death came to everyone a few hours before the match and certainly to our Argentines,” said trainer Erik ten Hag after the 3-1 victory over the Danish champion.

Nicolás and Lisandro were very emotional about it. And at the request of them it was during the warm-up Live is life turned. “

Live is life has been with Maradona since joining Napoli in 1989 ahead of the UEFA Cup semi-final against Bayern Munich tossing open the box of tricks while Opus’s song was playing in the stadium. Dancing to the music, the legendary footballer warmed up while holding up a ball.

31 years later, Tagliafico made the same movements as Maradona then Live is life was shot in the ArenA. “It was a tribute to Maradona and the joy he always brought to the field,” said the 28-year-old left back after the game. “His death is a great loss for the football world and certainly for us Argentines. We will remember him.”

For app users: tap the tweet above for images of Nicolás Tagliafico’s warming-up.

‘There was only one of Maradona in the world’

Tagliafico once trained as a youth international under Maradona, who was the national coach of Argentina from 2008 to 2010. “He then called out to me that I was doing well,” he said earlier this month. “That was fantastic.”

Ten Hag was also asked about Maradona at the press conference. “There was only one Maradona in the world,” he said. “Whether he is the best football player ever? You cannot answer that question, because then you have to compare different generations. Players like Cruijff and Beckenbauer could conduct a team. Maradona was more of an individualist, but he reached an unparalleled level. In In 1986 he almost single-handedly made Argentina world champion. “


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