System Of A Down releases new music after 15 years for support Armenia | NOW


The Armenian-American band System Of A Down has released new music after fifteen years. In their two new singles entitled Protect The Land in Genocidal Humanoidz, they express support for their homeland Armenia.

“These two songs are about a terrible and serious war that is being waged against our cultural homelands Artsakh and Armenia,” writes the band, known for the hit Chop Suey.

They want to create awareness for the situation with the new music and raise money. “The music and lyrics speak for themselves. Now you have to speak out for Artsakh.”

All proceeds from the songs, accompanying videos and merchandise will go to the Armenia Fund. That is an organization that provides humanitarian, civil and medical assistance to Artsakh.

The conflict between ex-Soviet republics of Armenia and Azerbaijan flared up in late September. It revolves around the mountainous region of Nagorno-Karabakh, also called Artsakh, after the republic that was proclaimed there.

That area, according to the international community, is part of Azerbaijan, but is ruled by Armenian separatists. The warring factions repeatedly agreed to a ceasefire in recent weeks, but violence continued after that. At least 1,200 people would have died.


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