Supporter Ridouan Taghi received a grant for documentary


November 29, 2020 – 8:20 PM – World


In 2017, Dutch cultural funds subsidized tens of thousands of euros for the creation of a documentary. Delano R., a supporter of Ridouan Taghi, would present the television program for RTL / Videoland. R. is accused by the OM of involvement in various liquidations.

Delano R., aka ‘Keylow’, was president of motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh and previously led the street gang The Hague Crips for many years. According to the OM, Delano R. took on various assignments as “murder broker” and he allegedly had liquidations carried out on behalf of Ridouan Taghi. He has been detained since November 2018. Justice found no fewer than ten million files on hard disks and laptops found at his home.

The AD writes that R. first tried to sell the documentary to Vice together with the documentary maker he worked with. They wanted to finance the film with grants and sought contact with the Netherlands Film Fund and the VSB Fund. Both funds have provided grants of 25,000 euros and 13,750 euros respectively. His production company also paid him a salary of 41,000 euros.

The recordings of the program were in full swing when R. was arrested at the end of 2018. Members of R.’s motorcycle club were already associated with a liquidation and attacks on the daily newspaper De Telegraaf and weekly magazine Panorama. RTL stated in a response: “From his own criminal past, he was able to provide us with insight into the underworld of a new generation of criminals, which remains invisible to this day. When R. was taken into custody, the production and cooperation stopped immediately. . “


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