Steven Brunswijk ratted out for ‘illegal party’ during mother’s funeral | Entertainment


“Yesterday I received this app from the editors of Omroep Brabant. If only it were a party … ”, writes Steven Brunswick at a screenshot of his conversation with an editor of the channel. “We receive an email from someone who says that you are now throwing a party in Corona time. Either you have an enemy or you live down the street with a traitor. Which option can I circle? ”The editor sent him to check what was going on.

After Brunswick explained that he had permission to say goodbye to his mother, the broadcaster happily decided not to do anything with it, but the message said it hurt him quite a bit. And although nothing had been done with it, the story had apparently already circulated. “After we said goodbye to our mother, my sister went to the supermarket. There someone asked her if I was having a party, because she had read that somewhere … Wow, he came in ”, he writes in his Instagram Stories.

Steven Brunswijk’s mother died on November 3 at the age of 65.

The comedian emphasizes that the editor cannot be blamed for anything, but he does not understand why the tipster directly approached the media. “Why didn’t this person just ring the bell? Even if he had looked through the window for a moment, he or she would have seen my mother laid out beautifully in my living room. Why does the media have to be switched on again immediately, without knowing all the facts? And if you’re really that concerned about corona, why don’t you call the police? I cannot reach this with my mind, ”he tells it with an emotional touch AD.

Ode to life

He does understand how the idea of ​​a party could have arisen. “A Surinamese funeral is not a normal funeral. It is an ode to life, with live music. Prior to the ceremony, several trumpet players walked around the hearse. It may well be that this person has heard or seen something. ”

Brunswick, however, had permission to say goodbye and had been preparing for a whole week so that the measures could be complied with. For example, all those present had to fill in a registration form and there were mouth masks. Moreover, the family members who came from Suriname first all did a corona test and everyone kept 1.5 meters away. “Of course something goes wrong at a funeral, with all those emotions running high, but our family has a lot of respect for the cabinet policy.”


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