State of Play broadcast shows a lot of new footage from Demon’s Souls remake


Sony has shown a lot of new footage in a State of Play broadcast of Demon’s Souls, the remake that appears as a launch game for the PlayStation 5. The new episode came as a surprise. Previous State of Play broadcasts were always announced by Sony in advance, but this latest edition was put online out of the blue.

The State of Play broadcast of Demon’s Souls lasts about twelve minutes and is therefore good for a lot of new images. The video is a deep dive into the world of Demon’s Souls and features commentary from Gavin Moore, creative director of SIE Worldwide Studios. This will only focus on the offline experience of Demon’s Souls, as Sony wants players to discover the multiplayer features of the game for themselves when the game is out.

The remake of Demon’s Souls will be released simultaneously with the PlayStation 5, here in Europe on November 19th.


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