Special game for Spain player: ‘Half of my family comes from the Netherlands’


Marco Asensio will play with Spain against the Dutch national team on Wednesday evening. The situation of the Real Madrid player is well known: he has a Spanish father and a Dutch mother, which meant he could have come out for both countries.

Danny Blind approached Asensio in 2015 to ask if he could play for the Dutch national team. “In the end I had to choose and I wanted to play for Spain. I am still happy with that, yes”, Asensio says in conversation with the WE.

Asensio does know a number of Dutch statements, but does the interview in Spanish. “That is going better”, he laughs. He has already greeted his family in the Netherlands. “Too bad they can’t come to see the match, but I’m very happy to be here. This country is special to me, half of my family is from the Netherlands.”

The Netherlands and Spain will kick off Wednesday evening at 8.45 pm in the Johan Cruijff Arena.

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