Sony comes up with a new system to improve online behavior


Sony has devised a new system for the PlayStation 5 to improve the behavior of online gamers. Anyone who goes online today will always come across some figures who scold you. Each game tries to combat this in its own way and on the PlayStation you can already report abuse or offensive behavior in personal messages. A new system is now being added for the PlayStation 5.

Via PlayStation Accolades you can hand out so-called accolades to other gamers in online competitions. You cannot hand out braces to players from your friends list and it is also only possible to give someone a brace once every 12 hours. The system reminds us of it endorsement system from Overwatch, in which you can also praise sporty fellow players.

Currently there seem to be three curly braces that can be awarded, namely:

  • Helpful – For fellow players who are generous, communicate effectively and are more focused on the team than on themselves.
  • Welcoming – For the connectors among us. Someone who is open to others and friendly.
  • Good Sport – Someone who is positive and also plays honest, honorable and respectful.

Source: GameSpot


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