Some Republicans distance themselves from Trump: ‘this is really insane’


Trump, who has been complaining about the so-called post-in ballots for weeks, declared in the White House last night that the counting of the ballots was “unfair” and “corrupt”. However, the president gave no evidence for those serious allegations. State and federal officials have also not yet identified any cases of widespread voter fraud.

Adam Kinzinger, a prominent Illinois Republican, tweeted that the president’s claims are “ going insane. ” If Trump has “legitimate” complaints, he should go to court with evidence, Kinzinger said, adding, “STOP spreading disproved false information.”


Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland joined in. “The president’s comments are undermining our democratic process. America counts the votes and we must respect the results as we always have before. No election or person is more important than our democracy, ”Hogan said.

Other criticism, although less direct, came from members of Congress. Senator Marco RubiOh, an authoritative Republican from Florida said earlier, “Taking days to count legally cast votes is NOT a fraud.”

Senator Mitt Romney said that if irregularities are reported they will also be investigated and eventually resolved in court.

Michigan Congressman Paul Mitchell denounced Trump’s statements. “If anyone has evidence of wrongdoing, it must be presented and resolved. If done in any other way, it damages the integrity of our elections and is dangerous for our democracy. ” Senator Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania said he doesn’t see any evidence of fraud.

Armed supporters of President Trump stand guard at the central office for vote processing in Phoenix, Arizona.Image REUTERS


Trump also received support from some Republicans. The two prominent senators Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) and Ted Cruz (Texas) stood up for him. “I’ll tell you the president is angry, I am angry and the voters should be angry too,” Cruz said on a Fox News talk show.

Cruz claimed without evidence that the Democratic Chief Prosecutor of Pennsylvania ordered votes to be counted in the state’s largest city, Philadelphia, “until Joe Biden wins.” In the crucial swing state (20 electors), Trump is in danger of losing his lead, because the mainly Democratic letter votes are still counted. “We have to go in there now,” Cruz said of the polling stations.

Graham also expressed his dissatisfaction with the Philadelphia census at Fox News. “Why do they exclude people? Because they don’t want people to see what they are doing. ” He was referring to summary proceedings brought by Trump’s campaign team to allow observers from the campaign and the Republican party. Incidentally, there were observers from the Trump campaign who supervised the count of the postal votes in Philadelphia.

But many Republican Party leaders are trying their best not to directly criticize Trump, even if they feel his behavior is hurting the party. While Biden this morning seems close to the 270 Electoral College votes it takes to win the White House, it remains unclear when a winner can step forward.


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