“Some malls will open contrary to guidelines”


Contrary to guidelines: The Ofer Malls group will open the Kryon Mall, Ofer Grand Beer Sheva and the Grand Mall in Petah Tikva tomorrow (Friday). Azrieli Malls announced that they will open the malls: Ayalon in Ramat Gan, Azrieli Haifa and Azrieli Modiin. It should be noted that not all chains will open branches. For example: the H&M Group has announced that it will not open its stores in violation of the guidelines. The mall company Gazit Globe also decided to stay closed.

The Malls Forum was prepared for the opening outline with the National Security Council, but this outline was not approved by the Ministry of Health. The forum was established to allow an open and direct dialogue between the main bodies in the malls and commerce industry, and decision makers and regulators on industry issues. In the newspapers according to which “set off – the malls reopen”.

An industry source told Israel Today: “The malls that will open tomorrow are doing so according to the outline they worked on. There were talks and summaries with the Ministry of Health and the National Security Council. There may now be internal disputes. There is pressure from the merchants for the mall to open, so if a tenant wants to open, he will be able to do so. ”

Reporter: Hayali Yaakovi-Handelsman // Photographer: Shmuel Buharis (Archive)

According to the source, “The malls will open tomorrow according to what was proposed in the outline. They need to start and see that things are progressing, these are processes that take time to move. The message of the malls is that following the opening of street shops and open areas, 15% of trade “The malls are not the problem but the solution.”

“The finance minister is in favor of the malls and we hope he will bring an offer to open them on Sunday. A large part of the stores they will open will become essential stores. Some of the clothing stores will sell toiletries and alcohol, for example. There are stifled businesses that want to open. Alkogel ‘”.

The Malls Forum was held to begin activities with a “safe opening” outline, the purpose of which was to enable the malls to operate alongside the Corona and bring back about half a million unemployed to work and the shopping and entertainment experience.

Among the actions taken by the malls as part of their preparations are: recruitment of the ‘Corona Patrol’, which will consist of designated patrols and be responsible for control, documentation of non-wearing a mask, prevention of crowds, control of enforcement of store visitors and warnings and registration. Identify a crowd and arrange for dispersal. In addition, technology will be introduced to identify congregations and online tracking will be performed.

Other activities include: running a periodic announcement with a reminder of the main guidelines, a ban on gathering and encouraging shopping at all hours of the day in order to profit from the arrival of visitors, and a designated opening for at-risk populations such as the elderly population. According to the outline, the malls will post this in real time on the mall’s website, Facebook or app in order to regulate the number of visitors. Waiting places outside the stores will also be marked at sufficient intervals, and maintaining the spaces will be the responsibility of the Corona Patrol.

In addition, the malls will continue to take care, as they did in the previous opening, to measure heat at the entrance, disperse alcohol positions at the entrances to complexes, near escalators, elevators and public space spaces and documented disinfection of public areas. At this point it will be possible to sell food at TA only, and no seats will be opened. A store that does not meet the permissible restrictions more than three times will be closed for three consecutive days, and will be reported by the malls to the Ministry of Health.


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