Soldiers released in 2020 will receive aid grants to deal with the crisis


After inter-ministerial struggles between the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Finance, this morning Ministers Israel Katz, Michael Bitton and Bnei Gantz agreed on a special assistance package for soldiers released in the past year due to the Corona crisis, with an emphasis on assistance to individual soldiers and eligible for family payments. Eligible for family payments released in 2020 will be entitled to a NIS 4,500 grant, soldiers who have served over 22 months will be entitled to a NIS 1,800 grant and soldiers or national-civil service servants who have served less than 22 months will be entitled to a NIS 1,000 grant.

It was also decided to extend the preferred work time by one year for discharged soldiers who were discharged in 2019 and 2020. This is so that the employment effects of the corona and closures will affect as little as possible the eligibility of those discharged soldiers for a grant for overtime work. As part of the assistance package, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Finance agreed on a system of professional training designed for discharged soldiers in order to help them integrate into the employment market.

Last week, in the face of stalled negotiations on the issue between the ministries, Minister Michael Bitton announced that he would no longer attend the weekly cabinet meetings until the soldiers caught up in the Corona crisis were treated. Therefore, after our long and persistent struggle on the issue of caring for discharged soldiers, I am happy that we have succeeded in producing another grant program for those who have just completed their contribution to the state and its security and are taking their first steps in civilian life. “

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz said, “One of the populations most affected by the Corona crisis is the discharged soldiers, who are not entitled to unemployment benefits. And those who do not have assistance from home. I would like to thank Minister Michael Bitton who works on a daily basis, hour by hour, together with the professionals in the Ministry of Defense. We are working on other channels to ensure that those who donated to the country get it back. “.

The Minister of Finance, Israel Katz, greeted: “It is precisely during this period that we must give the discharged soldiers, who have just finished their contribution to the security of the State of Israel, the best toolbox for the new path they are embarking on in order to integrate them into the labor market. Along with the benefits and grants, a system of professional training is currently being set up for veterans. We will continue to help them and provide as broad a support as necessary. “


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