Sinterklaas action turns out to be a success – action Duindorp stopped by Police – De Dagaily Standaard


Yesterday all of a sudden all of the Zwarte Pieten turned up in the center of Tiel, nine Zwarte Pieten went into the center of Tiel to hand out sweets to children and especially to spread fun. The action was a success, no escalations, and only cheerful people.

Actually it is too strange for words that people today see a Zwarte Pieten campaign as something special. This once again shows that the stigma surrounding Zwarte Piet is very negative today. Where it used to be customary that in the weeks before Sinterklaas people would meet Pieten on the street everywhere, it has now become a rarity.

In Scheveningen and Duindorp they tried to hold a Zwarte Pietenintocht, this under the guise of a ‘demonstration’, but this was soon interrupted by the police.

“At ten o’clock this morning we received a report of a spontaneous parade, which had not been registered,” said a police spokesman. “The procession was on its way from Duindorp to Laak. On the way, we dissolved the parade and sent them home. ”

Compared to the past few weeks, this was a relief. Finally no groups of whoppers who are out to mate with each other. Yet you can see from everything that the atmosphere around Zwarte Piet is extremely grim, the police are always ready because the atmosphere can change at any moment.

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