Singer Marlene Maridjan passed away at the age of 76


The singer during the 2016 tribute – Photo (c) SIROX Photography / Bangsa Jawa

This morning it was announced that another big name in the Javanese music world has passed away. In the Netherlands, 76-year-old Marlene Maridjan died in her sleep last night. The editors have just heard this from Radio Bangsa Jawa.

Marlene Maridjan also known as ‘The Grand Lady’ is no stranger to society and has scored in Suriname and the Netherlands with hits such as: Sranan merengue, Tok joe no lob mi, Tante lientje, Mi swietie lobi, Ijo ijo, lali marang kepungkur, Ra setuju and many other hits.

As a thank you for her musical contribution, Bangsa Jawa organized the Tribute “Once in a Lifetime” in 2016 together with many artists and many fans to put her in the spotlight.

“Aunt Marlene Maridjan thanks for the good times and memories. We wish the next of kin, family and friends a lot of strength ”, Bangsa Jawa writes.

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