Singer Marlene Maridjan (76) passed away – Dagblad Suriname


Singer Marlene Maridjan died in her sleep in the Netherlands at the age of 76 in the night from Saturday to Sunday. Reactions to her sudden death are raining on social media.

Maridjan was a singer of Javanese descent. Some of her well known songs were ‘Tok joe no lob mie’ and ‘Mie swietie lobi’.

In the 1970s she was one of the most popular Pop Jawa artists in Suriname. She is also one of the pioneers who mixed music: Javanese – Sranan

In 2016 she was in Suriname for the show ‘Tribute to Marlene Maridjan’. It was a special evening, because after years she was back in Suriname. Marlene had received a ticket from Bangsa Djawa after a similar show ‘Tribute to Marlene Maridjan’ was held in the Netherlands. (Photo: archive of Dagblad Suriname)

Khoesiaal P.


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