Simone Kleinsma and Jamai Loman can be seen in the live performance A Christmas Carol | NOW


Simone Kleinsma and Jamai Loman are featured in the live performance of Dickens story A Christmas Carol on Omroep MAX. The broadcaster will make the cast on Friday Scrooge Live known.

Loman will be seen as Fred Holywell, Kleinsma will play the ghost of the present. The rest of the cast consists of Remco Veldhuis, Richard Kemper, Plien van Bennekom, Anouk Maas, Kasper van Kooten, Jasmine Sendar, Johnny Kraaijkamp jr., Carrie ten Napel and Ron Brandsteder.

In Scrooge Live, which looks like a musical feature film, the story will be rewritten by Remco Veldhuis and Richard Kemper, also known as the cabaret duo Veldhuis & Kemper, in their own way. The direction is in the hands of David Grifhorst and Eric van Tijn.

New arrangements of Christmas songs and international hits are being made for the show. The program will also draw attention to child poverty in the Netherlands.

Various edits have already been made of A Christmas Carol, Dickens’s novella that appeared in 1843. There was a Disney version, a Muppet film and a feature film with Jim Carrey in the lead.

The story revolves around the bitter curmudgeon Ebezener Scrooge, who has a series of dreams the night before Christmas in which he is visited by three ghosts, representing the past, present and future. These dreams make Scrooge repent.


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